Babyroom with rainbows

Babyroom with rainbows

In today's post, we invite you to the land of blissful rest. If you want to ensure your child a long and restful sleep, start with the basics, i.e. prepare a quiet interior. The colors that surround us have the power to influence our psyche, mood and emotions. There are many publications, confirmed by scientific research, about the psychology of colors and their influence on human behavior.

Colors for a child's room - what to choose?

The best conditions for the infant (also adults) to sleep are delicate neutral colors: white, light gray, beige, light browns. The latter are especially recommended for babies, as they are associated with mother's skin for babies and show calming, calming and easy falling asleep properties. Bright, warm colors have a positive effect on the baby's well-being, as opposed to flashy colors (e.g. red, strong pink, neon navy blue), which may cause difficulties in falling asleep and even restless sleep of the baby.


babyroom with rainbow


With this in mind, we designed an original rainbow collection - Rainbow. The trendy rainbow theme in beige colors is a great choice for arranging a room for a newborn or a space where the baby will sleep. It is a unisex collection for boys and girls, so we can choose it without knowing, or not having confirmed, the gender of the child.

Organization of a chest of drawers for an infant

Our small baby room is based on white walls and white furniture - a wooden chest of drawers with three drawers and a cot with rungs. A stiff, portable changing table is placed on the chest of drawers. We decorated it with a cotton changing mat cover to match other products in the collection. The cover is not only a decoration, but also a protective function - it protects the child from the cold oilcloth.


changing pad cover


Next to the changing table there are handy baskets for baby accessories, useful when changing the nappy, cleaning the baby's nose and other care activities. We have created a super-organized, yet cozy, changing corner, where everything is at hand! The wall above the dresser is decorated with a wooden hanger referring to the popular boho style in a child's room. We hung a star garland on it and together they form a harmonious duo!


cotton basket


Newborn baby cot

The cot, next to the dresser, is minimalistic. Remember that newborns do not need much at the beginning - all you need is a baby cone (as a sleeping bag), a baby cocoon and a blanket. Cot bedding and a bumper are useful for larger children, from around 8 to 9. month of life. Thus, the content of a baby cot should be adapted to the age of the child.


baby cot


Things needed for a newborn baby

We chose a babynest from the Cotton-waffel series, which is made of a cotton waffle outside. It differs from the usual only in material. We focused on the waffle version so that it would perfectly match the cover and the baby cone. The swaddle has ears, a lacing and a comfortable Velcro closure. We dedicate them to babies from the first day of life to about three months. When the baby grows out of the cone, we recommend a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags prevent it from exploding during sleep, the child is provided with a constant temperature and does not wake up at night due to the cold.


babyhorn with rainbows


Wall stickers Stars

The wall above the cot is decorated with star stickers - in silver and gold. They blend in beautifully with our rainbow pattern! They create a stylish decoration in a child's room without excess and glamor, enliven the white color of the paint on the wall. They are non-invasive, do not leave stains and can be sticked on (although remember that sticking them too often weakens their adhesion).


wall stickers Stars


Boho style in a child's room? Yes!

We adhere to the principle of "less is more", but if you want to create a boho-style children's room, just add more wooden, raw decorations, such as a beech photo frame, a sea grass basket or a rug with tassels.


babyroom's decorations

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