Functional Babynest

Functional Babynest

Do you like cuddling? Your children too! Especially the little ones, babies and newborns, love to be cuddled and carried. On the hands of Mom and Dad, separated from the big, noisy, previously unknown world, they simply feel safe. They feel warm, cozy and comfortable in their parents' arms.




Baby nest - where did this idea come from?

Our grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers wrapped babies in blankets, wraps, and horns. In stores for children, a whole range of various types of swaddles is available. All these products have one goal - to create a little man a substitute for his mother's belly, in which he lived for 9 months. A place where he felt tight and cozy. We offer a slightly different solution - a cocoon for a baby. Thanks to it, you will provide your baby with inner peace and a sense of closeness. In the Scandinavian countries, a baby cocoon (or a nest) is an obligatory item in a layette. That's where we got the idea for them :) Cocoons are appreciated by mums not only in Europe, but all over the world. It's time for mums in Poland to be able to use a practical solution that helps babies fall asleep!



Babycocoon - best nest for a newborn



What is a babycocoon / babynest?

The cocoon, in a nutshell, can be treated as a portable bouncer. The soft edges of the socket limit the space, suppress harsh sounds and create a quiet atmosphere. Thanks to this, the child feels confident and safe. And it is the sense of security that helps the baby calm down and sleep peacefully.


Babynest in parents bed


How to use a baby nest?

The cocoon has many other advantages thanks to its structure! When you buy one product, you actually take advantage of many possibilities. Possibilities limited only by your imagination. First of all - you can use it literally wherever you need it:

The babynest in the parents' bed

Use it to protect your baby from rolling, crushing or missing under the duvet! We recommend it especially to parents who plan to breastfeed or sleep with their baby. Frequently waking up at night for feeding is very exhausting and there comes a point when a tired mother puts the baby next to her. This poses a risk of suffocation. That's when the cocoon comes in handy - you can safely place your baby in it next to you. The baby lies in a safe, fenced-in space, and mom can sleep peacefully and does not have to get out of bed for the next feed.

Cocoon for the cot, crib

Thanks to it, babies accept their crib faster and learn to sleep independently. In addition, the edges of the cocoon make it easier to lay the baby on its belly, which is very important, e.g. when the baby is downpour.


babycocoon in a crib


Cocoon as a deck chair

On the carpet, in the living room - a soft cocoon will serve as a deckchair when we want to move the child to another room. The cocoon has a sewn mat. You can use it on the couch, but only if the child is not yet moving on its own and is under the care of a parent or guardian.

A cocoon, i.e. a travel cot

Take a cocoon on vacation and more! It will be useful even for short visits, the little one has a place that he associates with home. The soft socket can be easily rolled up and packed into a bag. You receive a zippered sachet with your purchase.

Cocoon for a pram

As an additional mattress, the cocoon wraps the baby and absorbs shocks during walks. To be sure, measure the gondola and compare the dimensions to see if the cocoon will fit.

Cocoon as a cover

It replaces tight wrappers - in the cocoon, the baby can freely arrange the legs, which is very important for the proper development of the hip joints (especially when "wide diaper" is recommended).



Babynest is a perfect swaddle


Baby cocoon - up to what age?

We dedicate cocoons to babies from birth to 8 months, but we get messages from you that it lasts even longer. The inner length of the mattress is 70 cm and the width is 30 cm. The size can be adjusted with a string. In the first weeks of the baby's life, we recommend that you squeeze the cocoon as much as possible to wrap it as much as possible. In the following weeks, as the baby grows, the cocoon can be loosened and individually adapted to the needs of your baby. Our cocoon grows with its owner!


In the photo below is 5-month-old Leon (wearing size 74):


Baby in a nest


Below, for comparison, a photo of 2-year-old Szymon, who absolutely wanted to fit in our cocoon! He almost made it :)




What is the cocoon made of?

A comfortable mattress, made of high-quality, fluffy non-woven fabric, is light and airy, which significantly improves the comfort of use. The edges are soft, filled with a flexible silicone ball, so they can be freely formed with a string. Whether the cocoon is more compressed or loosened - it keeps its shape, the edges will not collapse. Our cocoons are 100% hand-sewn. Thanks to this, you can be sure that their performance is at the highest level, with attention to every detail. Tiny Star cocoons are one-piece - they do not contain hard elements, they are soft and elastic at the same time and completely safe for babies. We select cotton that is certified, delicate and pleasant to the child's skin, as well as certified first-class fillings with antiallergic properties. The fillings and the material are permanently sewn together.


baby cocoon


How to wash a baby's cocoon?

Attention, attention, dear Moms, and now the most important thing - we wash the cocoon in the washing machine. We set the temperature to 30 degrees, spin at 800 rpm. Quickly and conveniently, and hygienically - we are sure that the cocoon inside is clean and refreshed, which significantly improves the comfort and hygiene of use. After being rolled up, the cocoon will fit into any washing machine, dries quickly and nothing happens to it while washing! We guarantee that even with repeated washing and intensive use, it will retain its shape and form.

By choosing an original product, you provide your child with the best - safety, comfort and a good night's sleep.


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